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Some kind things parents have said through the years... 🥰

I can't think of anything that could have made my daughter's experience better! A high school actress, she got bit by the musical theatre bug but had no training and little confidence in her voice. There is no other word but "uncanny" for Chantel's ability to connect with an individual student, intuit her strengths and unique musical tastes and objectives, and yet also inspire her to stretch and move outside her comfort zone. My daughter also took guitar lessons with Chantel's husband Derek and I would say exactly the same thing about his teaching -- plus he showed such a kind and generous nature whenever my daughter struggled to balance school, work, acting, etc., and wasn't so diligent with her practicing! Both Chantel and Derek really got this - and respected it - always tailoring their lessons to my daughter's needs and capacities at the time. I believe the training you'll receive from Chantel is as rigorous as you'll find anywhere in Austin -- and my guess is there aren't many places where you'll walk out feeling so good about the experience. Chantel and Derek's home studio is warm and intimate -- the *perfect* place to deepen your love of music and performance.

- Debra M. (Austin, TX)

Chantel is such an amazing teacher! Whether with one student or a whole group, her ability to connect to their students, and find and bring out their potentials is legendary. Her love of music, theater and all arts is infectious! My children are so different from each other - and she inspires them all and meets them where they are. That's why they love and look forward to their lessons every week. For my oldest (12), singing is his biggest passion, and working with Chantel has helped him immensely! With her help and encouragement, he was selected as one of a few in his class to join the young men's choir in his middle school, and was voted "biggest choir nerd" by his classmates this past year. For someone who has at times struggled with low self-esteem and anxiety, singing has been a huge lifeline for him, and Chantel has literally helped him find his voice. We're so lucky to have her teaching our children.

- Michael L. (Austin, TX)

Chantel has the perfect combination of enthusiasm, love of music, teaching ability, and innate ability to connect with kids that works great for my daughter, who has been taking voice lessons from her for several months now.  My daughter is inspired to practice at home, and she looks forward to every lesson with great anticipation.  I highly recommend Chantel to any parent looking for a great voice teacher for their kids.  While we don't have direct experience with her husband Derek's instrument lessons, we know several parents whose kids take guitar, ukulele, etc from Derek and love him as well.

- Arieh S. (Austin, TX)

My 15 yo daughter has been taking voice/singing lesson from Chantel for a little over a year now and I can't say enough in praise of Chantel and her instruction. In this time my daughter has gone from someone with a cautious wobbly voice which no one ever heard to belting out solos on stage before an unknown audience and getting praise for her performances from people other than her family! Knowledgeable people, in fact. This comes not only from Chantel's teaching of voice and singing but from her careful nurturing and encouraging relationship with her students and a positive and effusive outlook on life. Highly, highly recommended.

- Michael W. (Austin, TX)

Chantel is wonderful!!!! We first worked together as back up singers for a professional theater show years ago and she was knowledgeable, talented, accurate, kind, and fun!!!!  I am also I professional vocalist and teacher based in Miami Florida, and Boulder Colorado and recently I was lucky enough to shadow Chantel through one of her choir camps learning from her experience.  I was moved and totally impressed by the VERY IMPORTANT work she does supporting the self esteem of young women she works with!!!! As well creating a very entertaining and beautiful performance.

- Nika G. (Miami, FL)

Both of my children take music lessons from Chantel and Derek. They both have a great rapport with our children. Their teaching style is fun, patient, and creative. They also adapt the lesson each time, so that our kids are having fun, while being challenged.

- Genevieve M. (Austin, TX)

My twin girls love Chantel. They have had private lessons and she helped them prep for school talent show three years in a row. She is always positive with a smile on her face and makes the most of every situation. I highly recommend her for your children!!

- Emily O. (Lakeway, TX)

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